It's come time to face facts. I don't care about this blog anymore.

In the beginning, the idea of this project was to make something that I would enjoy doing, a humor blog that would theoretically eventually help me earn some money. This was then scrapped when I realized, naturally, that I'm not that funny, and that I cared more about the blog as a vent for my feelings.

Then, of course, in the aftermath of the exposure of this blog to a broader audience last year, I discovered that I wasn't actually writing this blog for other people, really, I was just writing it to myself, as an exercise in coming to understand my feelings in a difficult time. These last few years have really been the most important in my development, and they represent the greatest change in my life. They have been indicative of the person I want to be, who I want to become. I was at first naive and foolish, and then through the process of the development of this blog, I came to realize that I really have no purpose for the blog anymore.

This blog has never served as a professional platform, and I never really wanted it to. This blog was at some point about my feelings, but when it became clear that people would only pay attention to it if they wished to mock my feelings, it also became clear that I didn't want to share them anymore. My feelings are my own, and no one else really needs to know that much about them. What does that leave? Precious little. I don't talk to people about my life, because it's a boring thing. If you cut out my day to day emotions, that leaves only my writing, my video game habits, and my studies. You don't want to hear about what I got in World of Warcraft; that's far from a unique story. You don't want to hear about my classes, or frankly you would be in them. The only thing that you could possibly care about is my writing, and of course you don't want to hear about it, per se, you only want to see it after it's finished, and of course I don't intend to put such things here, of all places.

In short, there's not really anything for me to blog about. My experiences, perhaps, but those aren't things that I really care enough to share them here. Time spent writing down things I already know, for the benefit of people who don't care, which could be far better spent doing basically anything else. This blog has become, essentially, more work, while providing for me a smaller benefit, than it ever has previously.

I may start a professional blog for my writing; as of now, I am in the editing stages of my first novel, and am looking for a publisher/am preparing myself for self-publishing. This requires that I get my name out there, which would of course require that I establish an online presence. A blog that focuses purely on my professional achievements is a possibility, but it won't continue here. I'm also busy managing a professional website and Facebook page, which though in unfinished forms, are part of my plans for completion before the summer. In short, my web presence is being continued in other forms, but there is no room left for this blog.

As such, I'm saying goodbye. I have no reason to continue writing here, though I may stop back from time to time in order to relay professional information to any straggling readers (not that I really think I have any left, but all the same). It's been strange, but I can at least say that this experience has helped me, whatever that means. For anyone who does read, thank you. For anyone who insulted me in that debacle last year, fuck you. See you all later.